Why You Should Work and Study in New Zealand

When it comes to education abroad, we recommend you work and study in New Zealand. New Zealand is one of the best choices when you’re planning to study abroad. It has an amazing culture, easy entry requirements, and a safe and welcoming environment.

Because of this, New Zealand consistently ranks among the best places to live in. Here’s why a lot of students are deciding to choose it as their destination to study abroad.

Why Work and Study in New Zealand?

1. Cost of living

The cost of living will vary by region, but you can expect to spend around 800 NZD (around P 28,000) a month, including expenses for health, clothing, food and leisure. A two-bedroom apartment in the city will cost around 400 to 450 NZD (P14,000 to P15,000). Public transport is extremely cheap in New Zealand, and commuters can save money by opting to buy monthly or annual transport cards.

2. High quality education

The tuition fee is one of the lowest in the world. The courses are recognized and you will get a high quality, hands on education that you deserve. Both academic and practical, skill-based achievements are valued there, which is all the more reason to work and study in New Zealand.

3. Career opportunities

There are plenty of work opportunities available for international students. On a student visa, you are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week through the semester; during vacations, you can work up to 40 hours. So, instead of having to worry about finances, you get to supplement your education with income. The student services office at your university can help you find a job to sustain your needs during your stay in New Zealand.

4. Ease of visa approval and residency

The visa application in New Zealand is undeniably simple – you can apply online and get approved in less than a month. Permanent residency allows you to get same rights as enjoyed by the Kiwis. These rights include free healthcare, attend colleges, and purchase different properties. After obtaining a permanent residency for one year, you get the right to vote. After two years, you get the right to claim welfare.

Studying in New Zealand will give you the upper hand when pursuing an international career and will give your resume a competitive edge.

Furthermore, studying in another country demonstrates your potential to employers that you have stepped out of your comfort zone, and that you are able to adapt to new environments and cultures.

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