How to Score 8 in IELTS To Study Abroad

To begin with, let me tell you something which is seconded by many IELTS experts. “Scoring 8 in IELTS isn’t essentially about English skills”. Of course- a strong vocabulary, taut spelling skills, mastery over grammar & an artistic sense of syntax would help you perform great in the test.

But only these won’t give you a high score.

Then how to score 8?

Is it about more & more practice?


In fact, it’s absolutely wrong to believe that rigorous practice will help you score 8 in IELTS.

If your practice, suppose, is in the wrong direction it won’t help.

So what’s the formula?

Let me suggest some formulas for each module- Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking

Use these suggestions and practice accordingly to easily score 8 in IELTS.


Listen to radio commentaries religiously while on the go and write down points that you have listened to.

And while listening – write KEYWORDS- like important dates, any numbers, colours, words, landmarks or names on the paper as they come up.

So- “PRACTICE ON KEYWORDS” and not on the whole sentence & phrases.

You’ll find that after finishing the task you have a list of keywords that you will find useful while answering the questions.

And this formula works as you have the keywords with you whereas you prediction is minimised & you have answers with clarity.

So while practising for Listening-

Use prediction skills smartly by using KEYWORDS
Stick to the current question only as the recording doesn’t stop
Learn to notice keywords at a glance
Utilise time given to check questions


First thing first-

Just don’t waste your time underlining keywords in the text first.

The foolproof formula is-

Read the question and then look for the answer in the text right away.

But- how to read fast and refer back to the question instantly?


Practice like this & see the difference in your performance.

And yes- if you can’t find the answer fast – just leave it and take it later.

So, “READ WITH YOUR FINGERS” is the formula.

So while practising for Reading-

Make strategies for different question types
Tackle first what you are good at
Save time by avoiding tougher questions
Divide the paragraphs in 15 to 18 minutes each
Learn the tips to find keywords easily


Grammar, Spelling & Vocabulary are crucial to score HIGH in writing- Right?

Yes, it is right but not completely right.

It is partially right if not WRONG.

Keep the following points in mind and believe me- it is NOT NECESSARY to start sentences with key phrases.

-Spell right else you lose point 5 of a mark

-Put information in a logical order to ensure a high score

-Paragraph wisely & correctly to get an 8

And remember-a paragraph changes when you change topic, time or place.

Moreover- no set number of sentences for any paragraph.


So while practising for Writing-

Task 1 & Task 2 of both Academic & General writing tasks equally important
Stick to word limit to avoid negative marking
A huge NO to repeating connectors & synonyms
Yes-handwriting does matter
Meat matters in content NOT length
Avoid personalisation


Is there any formula for proposing someone for a movie date?

I am not sure but I think you would say-NO.

But here is my version.

Yes, there is a formula- a 3point formula.

You decide a movie
You tell its strong point (Hey! The blockbuster has managed to make a whopping 500 crore within 2 weeks of its release. Let’s watch it.)
Then you tell other plans (maybe dinner after movie…)

And this is how you speak in IELTS for scoring 8.

Think- what you’ll explain & in what order.

Speak the strong points.

And then discuss other relevant points & close while summarising key points.

So- “PLANNING” is the key in speaking

Therefore, practice with a cool mind for the following & SPEAK LIKE A PRO.

Know the topic, put the focus & have clarity
Answer only what is asked for
Yes- we want to go abroad but we LOVE our Country & Culture, yet we are not too emotional about it and we speak accordingly
Speak what you know
Your natural accent is good to go with
Give relevant examples


Yes, you are fashionable and want to look cool. But that ripped jeans and v-neck red T won’t work here.

Dress presentably. Get some smart formals stitched.

And never try to outsmart the examiner EVEN IF you know more.

So champs! Practice, practice & practice!

You can do it.

Millions of study abroad aspirants are scoring 8 in IELTS every year with proper training & practice.

And you are one of them!!!

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